My Over The Top Resources

So I've used quite a lot of products and systems over the years - some are good and some are not so good. Here are the best resources I strongly recommend for building and optimizing your own Internet Selling System.

I have tried and tested every recommendation in this page. All of the resources listed here are crucial in running my own business in the Internet. I hope they'll serve you as well as they did to me.

The Unity Network My #1 Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

Unity Network has everything you need to start building your own profitable business in the Internet. It uplift, empower, inspire and educate Pinoy Entrepreneurs like you to build a successful online business.

This company aims to provide quality trainings and tools to its members in order to help them maximize their business and personal lives.

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GetResponse My #1 Email Management Software

GetResponse is the world's easiest email management software! And 350,000 happy customers don't lie.

This powerful tool is newbie-friendly. Plus there are 500+ templates you can customize to start sending emails to your subscribers today. So better try GetResponse now - free for 30 days.

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Rocket Pages My #1 Page Builder Software

Rocket Pages is the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to create, customize and publish beautiful and high converting marketing pages.

This software is everything you need to start building your list and start selling your products online.

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Impact Instrument My #1 Blogging Software

Impact Instrument is designed mainly for Pinoy Entrepreneurs who needs a simple and fast way to publish a content, build a brand, influence target audience, attract lots of Prospects and generate leads online.

This is your ULTIMATE tool for Online Domination!

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Namecheap My #1 Domain Registrar

All of my websites are registered in Namecheap. Why? Because this is the hassle-free way to buy domains online.

I highly recommend to secure your first domain name with low-priced registration and great service from Namecheap today.

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UpViral My #1 Viral Marketing Tool

Viral Marketing is simply a "word-of-mouth advertising" taken to the next level. The Internet's major players are using viral marketing to build lists, generate leads, boost brand awareness and of course, increase sales with little or no advertising.

Finally, a complete, easy-to-use viral marketing system is now available for everyone! With UpViral, literally anyone can run effective, profitable viral marketing campaigns in minutes with zero technical experience or special knowledge needed.

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ConnectLeads My #1 Facebook Lead Generation Tool

ConnectLeads is an app taking lead generation in Facebook to the next level while saving time and money. You can add new subscribers to your email list now directly from inside Facebook using Lead Ads. No need for a Lead Capture Page anymore.

With this tool, your subscriber list grow in real-time as Facebook users click to subscribe. They don't even have to type in their email address anymore.

This is the easiest way to smuggle Leads from Facebook!

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